Celebrating the Legacy of Sterling “Earth Keeper” Street

During the Heritage Day Celebration held on May 6, 2023, the Nanticoke Indian Tribe honored Sterling Street who served as the curator of the Museum for the past 13 years. Earlier this year, Sterling announced his retirement plans. This occasion was the perfect time to bestow our blessings and gratitude for his contributions to the Nanticoke community as well as to the
community-at-large. Sterling’s true passion is history – particularly, Nanticoke history. Proudly, he can trace his family heritage back to the 1600s. Dr. Bonnie G. Hall coordinated Sterling’s retirement recognition and began the celebration with opening remarks. She prepared and read a “Retirement Blessing” and presented him with several gifts from the leadership, officers, and the Nanticoke Indian Tribe. Ed Lewandowski of the University of Delaware’s Sea Grant Program painted a framed picture entitled, “The Guardian” that Dr. Hall presented to Sterling. Raggi Rain presented Sterling with gifts from the Committee on Native American Ministries
(CONAM) and the Language Project. Both of which, Sterling has been an active participant and made significant contributions to the success of these projects. Special thanks to Linda Harmon, Raggi Rain, Karelle Hall and Cori Beth Ridgeway for the beautifully handcrafted gifts. Later in
the day, Governor John Carney, and Mr. Jeff Hilovsky, Delaware State Representative, presented Sterling with tributes from the Office of the Governor, Senate, and House of Representatives. In closing remarks, Sterling expressed his gratitude for everyone’s attendance and the expressions
of love, appreciation, and best wishes for a happy retirement! Sterling, thank you for sharing your Creator-given gifts and talents with your Nanticoke family. Best wishes in retirement!

Submitted by: Dr. Bonnie G. Hall

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