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NIA Visits Legislative Hall for House Resolution No. 52 - Dover, Delaware
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nature: Nanticoke Tribe Visits Legislative Hall for the Adoption of House Resolution No. 52

Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2012

Location: Legislative Hall, Dover, Delaware


On Wednesday, June 19, 2012 a number of members from the Nanticoke Indian Association, Inc. visited Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware to join with the House of Representatives for the presentation and adoption of House Concurrent Resolution No. 52, which recognizes November 2012 as Native American Heritage Month in the state of Delaware.

Chief Herman “Tommy” Robbins, Assistant Chief William Daisey along with the Chief of the Lenape Tribe of Delaware joined with the following legislators on behalf of all Representatives and on behalf of all Senators for this momentous occasion:

• Representative D. Short
• Representative Willis
• Representative Carson
• Representative Atkins
• Representative Q. Johnson
• Representative Walker
• Senator Bunting
• Senator Lawson

After presentation of the House Concurrent Resolution the members of the Tribes were escorted to the Governors chambers where the Honorable Jack Markell addresses the members and announced his support for the Resolution as well as the want to create a closer relationship in order to improve the education of Native Americans through the school systems of Delaware. Illustrated herewith are photographs taken throughout the day and the House of Representatives Concurrent Resolution No. 52

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