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The Nanticoke Indian Association hosted Museum tours and lunch for Teams participating in the Slam Dunk to the the Beach Basketball Showcase
Monday, December 29, 2014

On Monday, December 29, 2014, the Nanticoke Indian Association hosted a luncheon and museum tour for Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) High School and Cape Henlopen High School. Both teams were participating in the Slam Dunk to the Beach Basketball Showcase. Tribal Council and Association members greeted the teams at the Museum and were given a guided tour. Chief William Daisey welcomed the teams at the Nanticoke Indian Center where lunch was provided. Tribal Council members were also present to help serve the visitors homemade chili, hot dogs, and numerous desserts and snacks. The purposes of the luncheon were primarily to fellowship with the youth and expose them to the Nanticoke culture and museum. Volunteers from the community helped make sure the operation ran smoothly and all of the players’ bellies were full. A special thanks goes to Vondalyn Starks for taking photos of the event.We want to also thank head coaches Pat Clatchey (MSJ) and Steve Re (Cape Henlopen) for allowing us to host their teams. We know that the Showcase is one of the premier events in the country for high school basketball. It is important that that we try and educate the public about our history. In addition to the Museum tour, Kyle Harmon, an assistant coach at MSJ and Association member, took his team on a tour of the Indian River and various historic places in the community. As Slam Dunk to the Beach gains popularity, we hope to invite more teams to Nanticoke Country in the future.

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